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Welcome to the Travel documents from me, who traveled in USA for 6 months in 2010.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your questions and comments!

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The Canadian flowing musician

I been home for over a year now.

I found a draft of this interview on my blog. I were thinking about to  skip this interview, cause I had it done when I was home. The idea was to launch it while I was abroad. That didnt happened.

But i changed my mind, and here is it!

The cities comes to me

Let me introduce Joseph, a creative musician who are on a journey trough North America, i met him in Seattle and we shared our lives and the mysteries about the world. And i just had to make a interview with this rare piece of “material”.

Joseph, loaded with a guitar and a cigarette

The Edward Islands

This “super-taurus” (astrologywise, a lot of planets in the sign of Taurus), is brought up in a far distant place, that made me envious about. The name of the place is called “The Edward Islands”, in the far east of Canada. I dont think we can find any more mysterious place in this world. Besides maybe Madagaskar or the island of Guam. It just has this kind of spooky feeling to it.

Who knows what on those islands. We know one thing for sure was on that island, and that is this man.

I had to ask him what made him do this trip, and with a sudden answer, he said; “Its free and random, i wanted to give myself this, start owning your creativity, in a sense, i went out to write more songs, actualize my portfolio of graphic design”

One of the reasons i picked him was that he has been traveling a lot. Most of the trip by hitchhiking. He started his trip in Canada and worked himself all the way with train, bus and hitchhike as said. And with not much money in his pocket. Majority of the money he travels with, he gets from playing guitar and with singing on the streets. “A good hour i get 15 dollars”. He plays in streetcorners in the cities he visit. He choose places where its not much traffic. “I cant play over a crowded street”.

Before i met him in Seattle, he stayed – and played, in San Francisco, Portland and Las Vegas.

Just flows

He also says that what made him choose the cities was pretty much destined. “The cities choose me, not the other way around, I listen to where I am supposed to be at, I follow the flow. And as he adventures around, on this spiritual work-creative trip he says he is on, he really see whats wrong with this world. “We need to learn to give instead of take”.

And thats what he does. He just takes a bit to go by, and gives charisma, joy and enthusiasm back on the streets where he entertain.

And that´s what it should all be about, if you ask the Canadian Flowing Musician Joseph.

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The final post

Question Answers and the final comments

Sadly but totally OK, this is my final post for the incredible fantastic adventures that i began planning one year ago.

I hijacked a tourismeducation for the opportunity to learn more and on the same time travel.

I chose the country, America. The United States. I couldn’t belive my eyes when I came on the education and I was set for 1 year of studying. This was my chance.

This was my ultimate chance to fulfill the longest dream I ever had. To cross, to experience, to live, to laugh and adventure in the what I say even today, one of the most fantastic countries in the world.

– oh – besides their politics though.

But who does not love freedom? But for what cost?

So summing up this trip is hard, but I will do it with those questions I had at me a couple of months ago.

And its easier for me to answer them after I have been home for a while and now I can really make a better analyze of what I really think about everything.

This is the questions I got in earlier posts:

Of all the cities you have been, can you picture yourself living in any of them? If so which one?

So many i could live in. I will answer like this: I would love to have an apartment in New York City. A partyflat in Las Vegas and a Summerhouse in Charleston. Those are my 3 fav cities.

How come the US is your main travelling area? And what are your plans after new year?
My plans are not decided yet. And I chose America cause it has been my dream since I was maybe 6-7 years old. And I don’t know why, maybe cause I go well with that culture. I love spontanious outgoing people. Everything that feels american, feels to me fresh and new. Even today. (Even if most parts didn’t live up as it is in movies)

What food place do you prefer in fastfoodcountry? Wendys? Tacobell? MD?
I ate a lot of Taco Bell. I guess that’s my favourite. I don’t eat from McDonald’s or Burger King, I don’t want to support those plus it’s not that healthy. My goal is to never eat fast food though.

Have you seen any terrifying stuff in that big land over there? I saw one dude in Pittsburgh that just had one eye. He was looking at me like I was a fish in bowl. I saw a lot of terrifying people who I was kind of scared of – mainly cause of the greyhound is based nearly always at some poor hood or spot outside or inside cities.

Are you interested in going thru Canada? Nope, I am not. Or maybe? I hasn’t thought about that much, if I did, I would go to the north Canada, in the woods, close to Alaska and the Border to America.

Everyone will probably ask what are the main differences between Sweden and the US,but were there any similarities that surprised you?

The similarities would be that we probably watch the same types of movies, music and literature. Same fashion as well. Even if the European guys are famous of being more well-dressed and “Posh” (Or gay or something)

Any pre-conceived notions of the US that you lost while traveling? It would probably be that i thought New York would be slight cooler and more fashionable. That Los Angeles would be more hotter (weatherwise) and more clean and more hectic etc. Thats about it.

What are your main DISLIKES of the US? Your state does not take care of their people. Your entire society is based on competition and commercialism. If you don’t have the money – you aren’t worth a shit. That is just the start.

Doesn’t it get lonely? I like to be lonely. But i love to hang around people. It’s a mixed world out there. On the bus i was mostly sitting alone and never really talked to anyone. But it happened. But I didn’t want that to happen, on the other hand, living on the hostels, you share room with people and always had someone to talk to and go out with etc. So i had both worlds, the “loneliness” on the buses made up with the extreme socialness on the hostels. Perfect balance.

With that, I say Goodbye to all my readers… Thanks for listening and always remember to dare.


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On the way home…

A long ride of more then 2 days.


Stayed in New Orleans for lik 4 days and then i hit the road again for my the long way home to San Francisco.

When i see these pictures i get weak in my legs. I get this strong feeling of going back to the Boondocks of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona etc. The plain fields and lonely areas.

A stop somewhere out there...

Flagstaff, Arizona

Oh my god. Coming back here and it was all Autumn was a tough feeling for me, i stayed here on my first trip and reuniting with it was a sad moment infact. A mixed feeling of some sort. It felt like paradise a little bit and a bit home. This is a city kind of i dreamed about living in also, and it feels like it could be this all american city which is often in movies. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Majestic Fields in Arizona...



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New Orleans the city of Anarchy


This city is another world. My other favourite world though. It seems that Americans live so much differently then Europeans. They really think they are free. That makes a person more happy then others. They walk around in their society Happy. Most people in Europe are not really excited as Americans.

Its like i see so many people overly proud first of all that they are americans, and second of all they are proud of being free. They just know they are free. In a awkward way.

And New Orleans is one of the most “free” cities i ever been at. It seems and what i heard is that the policeforce do not care about anything. Its practically legal to do whatever you want – and people get killed there to all the time by the way.

The bars for one example closes when the people are not really out there partying. I got to tell you that this is a city that is all about party. And listen to music of course. But thats a big part of partying.

Its a treshold for jazzmusic and the famous streets and the french quarters are filled with “homemade” music. Most of it i didnt resonate with, but if i should take the man outside on of these bars words for granted. “You can find this music anywhere in world but here, you dont know how special this is”. I smiled and i said, “You are probably right”. And he probably was, but i dont really care.

I was more out for the Bourbon Street, where they throw out acessories and have their famous weeklong festival “Mardi Gras”. What concerned me was the stripper bars was everywhere. As bars. As nightclubs.

Miami was a dresscode city with a lot of “Hot” nightclubs.

New Orleans was a tourist spot for everyone – and you could feel the vibe – everyone wore a smile – even in the city of anarchy.

One of the central streets in New Orleans...


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Miami the hotspot

The European cool city

Before i launch Miam, i had a interest of Orlando. To go there and see disneyland. I didnt go. I stayed inside a cheap motel for 2 days and just slackered away. Didnt do much. Bath in a outdoor pool and just relaxed. After that i took the bus to Miami.

When i arrived here, i remember the feeling of a hammered loud city that didnt feel at all really American.

As i am writing these words, 2 months later after i was there, i feel a lot of romanticism about my travels.

Now this second i really miss America, USA… the land of craziness, the people. Everything. The language, the openeness, the loudness, the outgoing folks from different backgrounds, the beggars, the poor drugged people around the greyhoundstations.

The two people i met on the Pancake house in Miami, 4 in the morning. They were sitting next to me. I ordered pancakes and bacon for 10 dollars. I ate as much as i wanted for that. Some tables away this gang of black girls sat down after a long night out.

It was a high steamy feeling in the air as they sat their and ate, laughed and talked about their fabolous night togheter. The server, a 45ish old woman with an accent i would guess came from North Carolina served my table. She was rough, tough with a charm in her eyes. I sat there for 2 hours.

Thinking again how i ended up on this pancakehouse in the middle of night after some hours of bustrip from Orlando, in Florida.

I already had found the place i should stay on, but the buses didnt start going til in the morning. A hostel owned and run by a Swede.

Staying 15 minutes from South Beach with a lot of people, in a place that had a bar, partyroom etc was a tru joy for me.

I was here for about 5 days. And tried to swim as much as i could in the ocean. Most of the days it was cloudy! And rain fell from the sky. Though i tried to hit the beach as much as possible.

As i am watching these pictures from Miami, i am not triggered to go back. If i want a nice beach and hot weather i rather go to Turkey for a week for half as much costs then go to Miami. I tell you that Ocean drive was a bit overexagurated as well.

South Beach, In Miami

One of the best hostels i been at....

Warm in the ocean. I miss the ocean. But not Miami.

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Stuff to write about…

This is some of the blogposts that remains: (the headlines may change!)

  • Miami – the European Hotspot
  • New Orleans – the city of Anarchy
  • Las Vegas – Free drinks!
  • Answering the Questions about me and my trip
  • The good and the bad things about the good and the bad USA
  • And some more blogposts that I forgot this moment about!

A cool gang of people i found on a hostel in New Orleans.

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My favourite town, Charleston

A mixed town with many colors

Going from Washington DC to Charleston, South Carolina was a long trip. I had heard that this town was nice and it was similar to Savannah, Georgia too. But this city was next to the sea, so the choice was easy.

I remember having a layover in Columbia, South Carolina. I stayed at the bus terminal for 6 hours and as always, drug dealers and shady people was around the building. I stayed between 12 to 6 AM in the morning. Luckily, and i am til this day pretty surprised, I found internet here.

I asked the security if there was any open shop around, like a junkfoodplace, and he told me it was a about 30 minute walk, but he said that I should stay here, “I wont recommend you go there, its dangerous this time of the night”. So I stayed.

South Carolina is another world, compared to the other states. It’s very lush nature and very beautiful everywhere you look. Humid as well. Even in the month of november.

After checking the globe of earth, It just hit me again – hard – that USA is so down under compared to Europe. And Sweden is so far up. If It weren’t for the mexican gulfwind, we would be like Siberia for sure.

I loved Charleston. This town didn’t have a super nightlife, just some random bars. But here is the positive things: Very “southern”, it felt a bit like I was in that movie with Oprah Winfrey a bit, The Color Purple , it had this very beautiful architecture, it was close to the sea, it had a mix of different backgrounds in this city, many alternative stores for health or spiritually minded people. One of my all time favourite food places were, Dellz Deli.

One of the best food places in the world!

Dellz Deli served vegan, vegetarian, fish wraps. Outstandingly delicious! I am not joking. They tasted so good and they were extremely healthy.

Houses like this were everywhere.

Walking around, and seeing this was a bit surreal. You can find all sorts of different really beautiful and 1800ish buildings everywhere.

As i took a little boatrip outside the coast. I saw this big freighter. Once again dreaming about being somewhere else. I even saw dolphins. Amazing animals!

I wonder where this ship is going...

This town i might have most sentimental feelings about. Mostly cause it was so different from all other cities i been in. When i took the bus from the greyhound station it took me in to town after about 20 minutes… seeing the buildings and nature on the way was fantastic.

I wont say more, everyone should go here atleast once, check out the huge market, the aquarium, the sea (the dolphins too!), the harbor, the people, the food, the stores… if you ever go to USA, and want to experience something really wonderful, this is the place to be! 

And i think thats really good credentials from me. Enough said.

A block of Charleston

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The capitol of America

Washington DC

I had in mind a clean city. And when i came there, i saw a clean, pure city infact. I was not really surprised about that. I am mostly a downtown explorer. So i wonder if it is clean all over the city…

Washington DC was one of the first places i felt i wanted to be really touristy in. I wanted to see so many things, like the FBI house (the headquarter is in Virginia) the White House, the Capitol Building and so forth.

This is truly a tourist city, and it felt a bit small too. You can easy go by foot and see all these classical monuments.

We all have seen “the white house” on tv and movies so many times, including me. So i had some great and huge expectations. But when i ended up there, I was kind of asking my self if this was truly the “White house”. Cause it looked so little and the it was so far distant, plus the area where i thought a lot of people would stand and watch it was to small. The house was kind of hidden behind bushes and far far away. With a good camera and “movie” equipment, you can make it look so much cooler.

This is another example of me being fooled by the entertainment business.

The White house, behind bars. Or me behind bars and the white house free?

Outside the Capitol Building

Here is another example what i did expect outside the White House, but i found this outside the Capitol building. I think it was libertarians who were shouting that Pres Barack Obama was a fraud. Interesting to see and listen a bit. And to me very “Washington DC”.

And last, here it is, the Capitol Building.

What a white color...

And with that, i finish the capitol of America, with a: “Go Abraham Lincoln, you are the best”.

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Reflecting differences back home

Back in my Home town

Been home for 1 week now. I feel a tough jetlag of some sort, and i just feel tired all the time. My laptop broke down even more, so it has been hard for me to update as well.

But now i am sitting in my moms apartment, in Ludvika, Sweden and checking out trough my window and see a beautiful winter landscape. It is cold and very quiet.

People are nice. People are infact nice and behave properly. If i go into a store, i get really good service, doesnt matter where i go. I just get it. Something i didnt get much in America, when i compare the differences. I mean i got some service, but i felt bad asking for more service or “take my time”. Cause i had this thought in the back of my mind that they dont get much payment enough to be nice and service minded. I dont see any cops or security inside the stores either. Though i miss the “how are you” and the little chit chat at the counter.

I am glad to not stumble upon any homeless people, drugaddicts or guys that just wants my money. I am glad to feel more secure and not sitting on a bus and be on that adventure. I am glad to be home actually. Though i miss the last days in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Charleston, Washington, what a wonderful cities, but stil another world compared to the cities in Sweden. I will mention more differences, when I remember them. This is just a post telling everyone i am home, and safe, but most of all its a blog post telling that this blog is alive!

America Is truly another world.

Seeing this trough my window

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