Matthew, a upcoming globetrotter

Matthew explains he will travel with inspiration from the creator and his heart alone.

Matthew, sitting in deep thought about his upcoming lifetime long adventure...

This is my first interview of a long series of meetings with different types of tourists ive met and still meet during my own travels.

I am proud to launch 27-year-old Matthew Cowart, brought up in the northern areas of Los Angeles. A man who is preparing softly the adventure for a lifetime. “What i want to see is the entire earth, “The Mother to The Moon””. This inspired and inspiring young man have set his record high. “I am  planning for a big adventure… by foot… by mountain bike… by horse… by faith… i know that i already have what i need… everything that is inside of my bag is just a bonus…”

When did the realisation come over you, i asked Matthew and he replied with a dramatic and heartful answer;
“It was 02:18 AM may 5, 2010. “If you were to travel back in time through the centuries, or even the millenia, and then get stuck there for one year, would you acclimate to their civilization? To their culture? Would u become someone who sold fruit from a wagon in a common area of the village? Would u have a common job, be a common person? Or would you travel the entire world and see what it was like–even if you had to travel by foot–for the purpose of seeing as much as you possibly could before that year was up? Would you do it? — Whats stopping you? — It was after this thought popped into my head that I realized: what is stopping me?”

What have you done more to make this lifetime trip come to fruition?

“In the last twelve days, I have sold everything I own, paid off 7000 dollars in debt…synchronicity have been happening to me as often as the hours transpire; which means that each one of these synchronicities are pointing me in this direction. Now, there is no turning back.”

"To know WHY, before the event, is to know nothing. To know why after the event is divine guidance..." - Matthew.

Favourite country: “Egypt, it’s the most unusual and culturally different i ever seen in my life”.

Favourite tourist spot: “I don’t do tourist spots.”

Whats your travel plan the coming year: “Wherever my heart guides me.” “This trip is for a lifetime”

Places u need to see before u die: “I don’t need to see anywhere, only my inner self…”

Your way of traveling: “By heart.”

Favouritecity: “Havent found it yet. “No-man-city”.”

Matthew will leave for this ultimate trip 25 of may, he says he is planning a silent farewell party with family and friends. A party for the sake of love and not for openly say goodbye. He does not want to ruin the last night with his family and friends with the “going away” feeling, he wants the last night remembered with him as a night of love.

“I am probably leaving around 25 may,  I will walk out somewhere  there, from my moms front door, when everyone’s asleep, and i will set out on my journey, leaving nothing, but love behind…” Matthew finished the interview with those dramatic words before he left me. His gracious smile and playfulness shined, as he drove away with his car… I just experienced a special fantastic man who set one goal, to serve the heavenly creator, and what that is about, is just what the creator and himself will know.


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