Los Angeles, the enourmous city…

I have to say that Los Angeles has everything it need to have, to be a huge and cool city, though the transportation could go a bit faster.

I took a photo of the metromap in L.A. So interestening.

The only problem i see, is the distance from different spots, but that can be pretty well fixed with a car. Most people say that you need a car, but i have to agree. But where do you not need a car.

Four yellow american schoolbuses on the same picture.

I lived for about 3 weeks in Mission Hills, in the area of San Fernando in Los Angeles.  and it took me about 3 hours with bus and subway to get to Santa Monica, which was the closest beach, and  it took me about 1 hour to get to North Hollywood, which is, i would say the beginning of the inner core of Los Angeles.

An ordinary L-A bus...

The overall experience for me was the major part of the people i saw was latinos, mexicans or hispanics… and my question is… where are all caucausian white americans, where are they hiding? I didnt know that California was that crowded with spanishtalking people, for example in most parts people doesnt know english that well, so to have a good conversation you need to know spanish, but i already mentioned it before in other posts, but this concerns me quite a bit, so i just needed to repeat.

Travelcosts: 1,25 for a one way ticket, 5 dollar for an entire day, the ticket works on buses and metros. Though Venice Beach and Long Beach has their own transportationbusiness.

Touristfactor: Extremely boring to travel on local buses. You seldom see any tourists either there.

LA college produces quizes and informationstuff inside the buses. Entertainment while you are traveling.

I wish i could go around in this limousine instead.


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