Santa Monica, the place to be…

My cousins said to me that Santa Monica is the place to be.

Me looking out on the beautiful beach in Santa Monica...

And i replied, and said, no, i dont think so… But i guess they were right. I came and i saw, and i understood, and i know now they were right, i am not guessing anymore. I know Santa Monica is atleast one of the places to be. I was there for 2 days and i liked it.

Santa Monica lays in the western part of Los Angeles and are famous for having a beach, which was enourmously huge… and also famous for being a pretty hip spot for wellfunded people. Santa Monica was clean and had a nice atmosphere. The ocean was gigantic and it was pretty hypnotizing to sit and glare out and see the waves… very beautiful.

The gigantic beach in Santa Monica...

Though Santa Monica gets a superhuge minus, and the reason its to cold to swim or take a dip in the sea, even during the summer. However to lay in the white sand and relax and watch the ocean sweep in, and at the same time get a big portion of sun, makes this town to be still on the plus-side.

Touristfactor: A lot of tourists from all over the world flocks to the beach and the area.


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4 Responses to Santa Monica, the place to be…

  1. lena Ostholm says:


  2. oneadventure says:

    Nej, missade Venice Beach… Blir nog fler gånger att man åker hit 😉

  3. Erika says:

    Min…gammelfaster?…bodde där tills nyligen. Borde hälsat på henne!

  4. oneadventure says:

    Gammelfaster??? hehe

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