Me and the Hollywoodstars

A couple of days in my visit in Los Angeles i walked around on the famous Hollywood Boulevard…

There you will find the extremely famous Kodak Theatre, and the Walk of Fame and the spot where some of the biggest stars has their hand and footprints. I was not aggresively entustiastic about the entire scenery of above mentioned things, it felt kinda average. It just felted like a bubble of vaccume, that will explode any minute, it was this consistent feeling of lack of integrity which pulsed trough the streets and the buildings.

My shoe and Johnny Depps star

And something for the men, Marilyn Monroes star...

I missed to take a photo of the classical Hollywood sign up on the hills, but this sign might be enough

Touristfactor: Many tourists and a lot of people flocking the streets.

Hustlefactor: Watchout for being hustled, some people here treat you like a dollarbill.

The Walk of Fame

The hollywoodstars prints in the ground


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