The A-Team at Villa Muriel…

Bob is sitting inside the white car, refusing to be on the picture.

A little bridge leads over to my room...

If i had the honor to have pictures of the entire A-Team at the “Villa Muriel”, this would probably – without question, been the best blogpost ever.

This villa, which i found trough craigslist, was at first sight, including the immediate impression, a solide nightmare. My second impression was cool and now afterwards i am glad i was there. As every experience, you grow and most often thats the moments were something out of the ordinary happends, and the unordinary things are usually the ones we all remember the most.

My bed at the villa.

50 years ago this house stood probably as one of the hottest places to be at. Time has taken its grip of the facades and maybe 10 years ago it really lost its value. And now the value lays in the people who live there. We got Gordon, the fixer. All american guy that could solve every problem in the house in no time. I didnt get a picture of him, to sad, but what a guy.

Bob, originally from New York, arrived in Los Angeles 20 years ago. He has been working as a freelancejournalist for Hustler and different other types of pornmagazines. He told me that he was on the set with Jenna Jameson several times as a journalist. He is living at Villa Muriel and has done it for about 20 years.

Marco, from Spain, he has been here for about a month now and looking for another place. He claims that he is friends with all top rockstars, he played with Black Sabbath and are buddies with Motley Crue. He also says that he produced the Swedish thunderhit “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

Carlos, a successful musicproducer...

Muriel, this charmy 83 year old woman is the boss of this Villa, she owns it, she bicycles everyday, do her own shopping with the car and shes been having guests here for over 40 years!

Muriel, 83 year old angel and the "captain" at "Villa Muriel"

Dictionary: Craigslist: The biggest place on internet for ads about everything from rooms, cars to relationships.

Touristfactor: No tourists, only people from area of Los Angeles.

Coolfactor: High level of coolness around the people at Villa Muriel

Location: Mission Hills, Los Angeles.


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