– The Swede and the Oilspill…

I havent really followed the news in the world, while being out and traveling, though one of them was really hard to avoid.

The big oilspill – which has destroyed a huge area of southern USA with leaking oil. Most people ask why they havent cleaned it up yet and they are all worried cause its heading the coast of Texas as well.

The water outside Americas coast is full of wonderful animals, like dolphins. The entire chain of ecology is vastly crippled. It will take many centuries for it to be healed and well functioning again.

And what i found out today, is that the chairman of BP is from Sweden.

I dont understand why that fool, took so long to stop the spill and do something about it. He made a big mistake and it seems it´s haunting him. Now he is talking about the “little people”, that the oilcompanies do care about them, which is a fraud, a lie. And everyone seem to laugh at it aswell. What a stupid statement.

It also took President Obama twenty-four days to head to the coastline and see what really was going on. I dont understand, no one understands, why it takes so much time to repair or care. I guess someone do not like ecological systems, animals or seafish. If it was their own children or property; if they had their heart invested in a matter like that, the oil would have been viped clean the day after it happened…


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