Leaving humid and warm Dallas…

I wish i could have been in Dallas downtown for a day so i could get a little feeling of the city.

Considering the heat, the humid air, i couldnt take myself to the core of Dallas.

I dont even want to try… this weather does not suit me. It has been average 100 farenheit (37 celsius) all week and the temperature falls to 85 during the nights.  During the day, not even squinches of wind flowed over my face.

Of course i will choose a pic from the tv series Dallas

When the weather is like this in Texas i really miss cold Sweden, i rather have 59 F (15 c) then this kinda hotness, and i think that the summer here is like Swedens winter, not many goes out for to long.

I found this one trough google as well, it is from Sweden and it looks like a nice cold breeze in the air...

Tomorrow i will sit on the greyhoundbus to Abiline, Texas. Loretta will pick me up there and togheter we will go to Lubbock, Texas. From there we are heading to Hobbs, New Mexico. Probably we will go to Carlsbad and Roswell as well.

Roswell: A ufo crashed here, summer 1947, and we will go there and investigate it further…

Loretta: A very close friend from the world wide web.

Carlsbad: Said to have a very interestening nature and some cool buildings.

  • Dallas is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States.
  • Dallas is an American prime-time television soap opera that originally ran from 1978 to 1991.

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