Peanutfields and windmills…

Something i have forgot that i love is windpower-stations or windmills.

I forgot also that that it was a lot of those in Texas and New Mexico.

Windmills and peanutfields in the same picture...

Something i find very interestening as well is fields of all sorts. I saw peanutfields, and i thought peanuts grew in stores, not on fields, i was surprised about that also…

But i guess i never really cared, cause i am allergic, I actually bought wrong chocolate two times and i missed the declaration of ingriediens on the candypaper. Americans are crazy about peanuts, 75% of all candys in the store is contained by peanuts. To bad they itch so much inside my mouth and troat when i eat it.

The next i want to see is cornfield, which is another thing Americans are waking up for, (even though it seems 99.0% do not care what they eat or drink), the foodindustry use high fructose corn syrup which they found is pretty much slowly killing you, one of the things it causes is obesity.

And literally every soda or sauce or whatever you can think of contains this sweetener. If you dont believe how bad it is for you, listen or read, to what the vice president of USA has to say.

Close up on a peanutfield...


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