Missoula, the casino-city

Car-rentals are expensive

Arrived in Missoula, Montana yesterday.

Also tried to rent a car… the final sum of money that 3 days of car-rental would cost was 300  dollars + gasmoney. Thats very very expensive. It would be so easy if i was rich. …

So no Glacier Park or Yellowstone for me…

So i stayed in Missoula, the city of Grizzles.

This city and most of the cities from Salt Lake City and up north had a lot of casinos. I got this “sim city” feeling, or “civilzation”. Like they put entertainment like casinos, several of them, just to make the people happy.

Buy a pipe?

Its sad that these parts of the country are “polluted” by dumbass stuff like this.

67% of the population of Montana smokes “weed”; “pot;” “cannabis”. So everywhere in Missoula you could see all these smokingshops that sold equipment for smoking. One thing i didnt know either about Montana.

They also have the State University here. And when i was here, it was about 27 C (80 F) hot. The sun was burning and i was kind of expecting colder weather.

A casino in Missoula

Having all these casinos, what a bad choice, cause most people get addicted to it. And its all about serving alcohol and just glorifying that part of entertainment.

Its like everyone is waiting and sitting like zombies, expecting the big win, that never comes…


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2 Responses to Missoula, the casino-city

  1. Annmarie says:

    Vad konstigt och se en affär med bara”rökverk”Helt otroligt!Kram!

  2. Magnus says:

    Hehe du kan ju spela Dr albas låt för dom no coke:) otur med bilen skulle vara kul med i reportage i yellowstone. Låter som staden ludvika med några uteställen för att få folk glada:)

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