You dont mess around in Montana…

No helmets in Montana

He told me that “You dont mess around in Montana, you´l get”

I wonder what i would get actually. Montana gave me good things.

Good people and good weather.


A scene of a street In Missoula in Montana


Been in Montana for about 4 days, in the cities of Billings (which is not the capitol, its Helena, thanks commentator…) which is the largest city of Montana… and Missoula (which where the state university is located) i got a sense of the state at least. Far from it all though. As said in earlier posts, i missed the both national parks “Yellowstone” and “Glacier”. The two huge things with this state.


Typical Montana nature? I can literally see the Cowboys coming down that hill


Though i found out some other interestening things about this “Desert” state; You dont need to wear a helmet while going with your motorcycle….


There is two mistakes with this picture- Maybe you can see both of them.


And another huge thing Montana going on for them is, that they do not have any sales tax. So no hidden costs on anything and everything is of course much cheaper.

I guess a biker with a love for casinos and weed… would love Montana more then anyone…

  • Montana, is called the Treasure State

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2 Responses to You dont mess around in Montana…

  1. tennswede says:

    Not to be rude or anything, but Helena is the capital of the state of Montana not Billings.

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