Billings was my city for one day

A Tibetan Monk did a Mandala

Billings is the capital of Montana, it’s a small town, compared to big cities in America. I liked the city, cause i found interesting stores – it was fun to roam the streets and check all the stores out.

These are some which i found…

A huge store with healthstuff

This store, “Good Earth Market”, was a thrill to me. Walking in here and check all these locally produced and organic products was inspiring. I want to see more of this wherever i go in America.

Buy a Cowboy hat?

Awesome cool store. This is one store i loved. It’s very American to me. Even if i would never put on a cowboy hat myself.

The Pawn Store

I love this. And hate it. We don’t have this in Sweden by the way.
In this store you can sell stuff, like a camera, a gun, motorcycle, a microven – whatever you want. And you´ll get cash for it. Though you need to sign some papers, so they know its not stolen. And you get 30 days to pay the money back, and get your thing that you sold previously

If you don’t pay in 30 days, the store will keep it and sell it to customers.

And as they said, the ones working there, “Most people never come back in 30 days and pay it back”.  That is very sad.  And the answer why its sad, is that, i asked him what the weirdest thing he ever bought from a pawner, and that was Gold-teeths, talk about being desperate and pull out your teeths to buy food or whatever it was.

Tibetan Monk creates a "Mandala of Compassion"

Last, but not least. I went in to a “newagestore” and happened to come in and see this. A Tibetan Monk creating a Mandala of Compassion. It’s a symbol that will inspire and hold this energy for whatever its focused on, usually a wide centre around where it is created.

The amazingly disturbed thing was that, when this monk started the Mandala, a couple of a man and woman started fighting outside the store, said the people in charge.

Sometimes love can show the way, to what needs to be done. …

This day, Billings was my city.


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5 Responses to Billings was my city for one day

  1. Taz says:

    Oh, we do have pawn-shops over here.. I’ve seen a couple of those. But not so many as in the states.

  2. Eleonora says:

    We do have pawnshops actually. Somewhat uncommon in relation to there with perhaps a more restricted way to look at what’s pawnable. Weapons aren’t as optimistically viewed upon here either.

  3. Annmarie says:

    Helt annorlunda emot Sverige!Jag förstår om du gillar den här världsdelen!

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