Special people in North Dakota

Giants behind the counter

I love North Dakota.

I took me 15 hours to go from Billings, Montana, to Minneapolis, Minnesota. These 15 hours where really fascinating. Especially when it come to the people i met and saw.

I didn’t take any photos – not much to see (where i was). And it would be weird to take photos on some random people in the cafes and the gas-stations.

But what i can tell you is that North Dakota got some really special people. Like big giants behind the counter in the shop. Or a northdakotian couple telling how much they loved each other, 2 in the morning.

A gang of guys sitting with Flanellshirts, caps and coffee 1 in the morning. Huge heavy ladies that took up a doorway each, roaming around in some burgershop. Old senior citizen with a cowboy hat staring in a wall – like no one else was around.

A stupid dumb swede with a blue hood and silver bracelet and shoes with some red on it. and a blog… How can a swede be in North Dakota? He is not supposed to be there! Its like throwing in a Greenlandic man in Beijing.

I don’t know how to explain it, but North Dakota gave me an awesome deep feeling about America. And I so want to go back and sit on that hamburger restaurant in nowhere and dream about me also being, a true North Dakotian…

Billings - Minneapolis


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