Amish people…

Back in the 1800´s

I sat on the bus from Minneapolis to Chicago. I saw several what i think was Amish people. I got shocked.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is this a theatre? Drama tv?

Whats going on?

I get scared and ask myself if I got crazy again.


Is this Amish people?


Some say they were Amish. But some say that Amish people got black hats. These don’t have that.

I felt I was thrown back to another century. I felt amazed and shocked.

How can they live like this and how can they actually … not get crazy in this society.

Wait a second.

We are the one who are crazy. As i thought I was anyway.


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One Response to Amish people…

  1. dermama says:

    hehe du får väl fråga dom om dom är amish ppl du skanske kunde få åka lite häst å vagn igenom staden:). en fråga är det hög berdeskap i usa för det står ju i tidningarna att det kommer snart ett terror hot har du märkt av det du som är på plats?

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