Minneapolis, the city of cleaness

Minnesota got scandinavian citizens

Actually i wanted Minneapolis to stand out more. I wish my headline would be something like, “Minneapolis, the excellent city with scandinavian flavours”. But it didnt happen.

I wanted to be surprised by this city. I wanted to see swedish flags, norweigan flags, danish, everywhere i went, at least in some districts of the town…

Though here i found a Swedish flag outside a hotel.


One Swedish flag i found


But it didnt really happen that way. My 3 day of seeing “Minne – Apple – …, made me reminded of the swedish saying ” A apple a day make the doctors away”. Minne means in sweden Remember. Apple – äpple, is the fruit we all know of.

Maybe some swedish, scandinavian people went here long time ago and said. “If we go to this continent, we sure dont miss to eat the apple, if not, we will die” – Remember the apple. Minne – Apple.

But maybe i am wrong.

The scandinavian theme didnt stand out. I didnt see many “Swedish Meatballs” restuarant, though i heard they served “Lutfisk” somewhere. Didnt find that place.

To sad, its my favourite food. With sauce and potatoes.

Damn i am hungry. The dollarmenus at all these dozens of different junkfoodplaces are my guest everyday. I hate it.

I am sitting in Chicago, Illinois in the writing moment and tries to find out what so special about Minneapolis.

I tell you its clean. Very clean. I saw people in yellowgreen vests clean and pick up trash everywhere and anywhere. It seems like thats one of the most important things.

Why dont people use the garbagecans? What more?

Maybe these pictures will tell you whats up with this city.


The city of the cleaness, offers to rent bicycles


Awesome to rent bicycles. Every city should have that in the center.


The Minneeapolis "nightskyline".


Walking on the bridge after dark. Some nice and cute lights shines up the night. I just had to try an effect on my camera.


Autumun colors in the trees


Sunny warm weather, though the autumn is slowly coming.

Minneapolis gave me a good preview of whats coming. It gave me a little cute and sweet flash of a big city.

Thanks Minneapolis, for preparing me for some hardcore American cities.

  • Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish Americans together make up 20.7% of the population in Minneapolis

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3 Responses to Minneapolis, the city of cleaness

  1. margret says:

    Oj vad rolig din teori var ang Minneapolis. Men det som var nästan ännu roligare var att din favoriträtt är Lutfisk:) Fina bilder förresten.

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