Chicago, the pearl of midwest

A beautiful rusty big city

Chicago is the city where the pearl is open and visible. The shell is breathing, a bit coughy, a bit rusty, but it still breaths and it do smiles too…

Part 1. Falling in love with a city

Chicagos coast

Has been roaming around in this millioncity for a few days now. It feels like my soul can rest now. It has seen and felt Chicago. Thats how the word and the city was before i came here. If i dont see or visit Chicago before my soul flies to other worlds, my life wouldnt have had been that good. I just need to see Chicago. Or New York City, yes i wonder if Chicago has the same impact on people as NYC, in the sense of name and the feeling it brings to people.

Chicago Downtown

To get the right sense of a city or a village or something, i look around in the city, i smell,i touch, i walk, i talk, i ask, but most of the hours as i spend, is the time to find my way back, or find the way to somewhere – cause i am lost.

I havent told you yet, but my worst sense i got is the local sense. And Chicago made me really train that ability – with mostly mistakes on my record. But on the other hand Chicago gave me some more musclepains and a better shape.

Chicagos Downtown

The people in Chicago are super nice. Like in superman plus nice. And they also have an accent. Fascinating as well.

I have not been yet to the east coast. But i think i just have found a city which beats all of the cities i been in before.

Former Sears Tower - The Willis Tower

I am looking behind myself. I see people walking. I see cars driving down the street. I wanna stay here longer. This city is amazing, plus its people. And the city likes me. I feel flattered. Its kind of inviting me in. Welcoming me, saying hi and thank you, giving me a smile. Its saying, take a seat, what can i help you with.

Chicago smiles even more.

And i am blushing. What have I done for you to be nice. I am just a Swede. And it continues with an accent, I love everyone – no color or accent divides my people, says Chicago.

I think i just fell in love with a city.

Does the love keep strong. Check after part 2. Chicagos Backside.


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4 Responses to Chicago, the pearl of midwest

  1. dermama says:

    Kul att du tycker om chicago att du har en stad som lägntar efter dig kanske kan åka dit mera gånger och kanske försöka få ett jobb där och verkligen få känna av pulsen där ett längre tag runt 1 år eller sådant:)

  2. Taz says:

    Love the photos 🙂

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