The Backside of Chicago

Part 2. Chicagos Backside

The rollercoaster is coming

With out thinking about the deep racial problems Chicago have, and that this city literally split two groups of people a part – rich and poor.
It still have a really good talent of holding me in love with it. Just cause of the people and the energy here.

You can literally see from one street to another which economy the people have living there. And maybe Chicago is best at that, to point out the class-system and the differences between groups of people.

But which ever group you belong you will end up in downtown. Where all ones are mixed in a wonderful mess. Togheter with loudy copcars every 10 minute. Ambulances, and taxis that horns every minute. Something that struck me lightly was that i got a kind of “little brother” feeling of Chicago.


Here comes the rollercoaster


Maybe this city wants to be louder and more noisier than it usually should have. Are they using the horns, just because they live in a big city, do they have a “big city complex” themselves. Maybe the horns are not really important or necesseray. This rollercoaster on the picture above made a lot of noise. Why cant they have it underground? Big city loudness complex?


Directing traffic even if they have visible red lights

Everywhere you go, you see people in vests like this directing cars and buses etc. on the streets. Sometimes i just thought it was the most unecesserary thing. Just because they have streetlights as well. Or do Chicago people in general drive really bad?



Two dogs having fun in Chicago with a female

Another “big city thing” was this female, walking with her dogs. Nice pavement to pee on for the dogs. A good excersize too.



Nice "park" in downtown

Places with green spots where not many. Mostly grey stone. Look at this park. Probably this spot will not be seeded with plants. A huge building will be placed here.


The backside is big as the positive side for Chicago. But thats a big positive thing for a huge city like this.

I am still in love. And Chicago still loves me, I hope, cause i am leaving tomorrow to Pittsburgh.

Farewell, Chic-ago it was nice to meet you, but i will date around with other cities. But i might come back, thats for sure.


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4 Responses to The Backside of Chicago

  1. Annmarie says:

    Förstår om du “was falling in love”i Chicago!Snygga bilder!!!

  2. Annmarie says:

    ser fram emot rapporter från Pittsburgh!!!

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