My workstation on the road…

A load of equipment

While on the busroad, and waiting for the next “Greyhoundshuttle”, i usually stay for a few hours on a local Starbucks.


Starbucks, my life saviour



My equipment


Its looks dirty. It looks pretty much on the road. In the picture you can see my backpack, my rollercase, my sleeping bag, My computer (and keyboard plus mouse, cause it broke earlier.)

I use my sleeping bag on the buses. It’s a luxury, but it makes it very comfortable, cause I travel so much on the bus. And I always try to sleep. I use it as a pillow.


Naked, the drink for health minded people


I usually buy “Naked”, 100% juice. No sugar, no preservatives, no GMO, totally Vegan. And it tastes really good and of course extremely healthy.


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