The hostel was closed down in Pittsburgh

The Jetni

I arrived in Pittsburgh maybe one week ago. The bad, but funny thing was that i googled a hostel here. And i showed up at the address, but what i found was a hostel which had been closed down for seven years.

Pittsburgh Police

And the hostel was now a Policestation… with a swedish flag, probably from the hostel years…

The Pittsburgh Hood

When i took this picture, a guy was looking at me like i was a weirdo. Like, how can a tourist take a picture of my hood. There was a lot of shady people in this area, located on one of the hills in Pittsburgh.

So from there i took a Jetni. Its a cab, but with a private driver. Look out for monstrous overprizing. I took this Jetni to a motel 6 for 17 dollars. The cab back to the city cost 18 dollars. So in this case i saved 1.

I stayed at a Motel 6

Now i learned to use so i wont end up in a hostel which was closed again…


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