Philadelphia, the cheese cream

Swarming with gays

I remember taking the night bus to Philly, as everyones call it. If you ever say Philadelphia to people, they will stare at you. Say “Philly” with confidence. I ended up on a 24/7 cafe; restaurant in the middle of the night at it was full of gays there. Even if the restaurant was not a true gay place, it just happened to be like that this day. There i ate a “Philly cheese steak”, they are contained by, a sandwich cheese, steak and onions. It tasted actually good.

People in philadelphia

I had the movie “Philadelphia” with Tom Hanks in mind. From that point and maybe Philly is a gay city? I never seen so many gays ever in any city. I guess i was at the “right” place or it was just a coincedence it was full of them. San Franciscos gays was not really in your face as here. They where everywhere.

An odd House in "Philly"

Philly seems to be a clean and good city. It felt also very American here, very industrial and the pulse came a bit stronger here, compared to Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia City Hall

The city hall with a fountain with the color for cancer awareness. I close the city of Philadelphia with the comment… It tastes better then the Philadelphia cheese cream or something.



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