Pittsburgh, the real american city…

The Steel City

After that little fadace at the hostel, the day after i had one day in Pittsburgh. Luckily I met this senior citizens couple on Starbucks and they drove me around and showed me their Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Skyline

I went to Pittsburgh cause of several reasons. It feels rough though. It feels like a city with a lot of factories and also just by hearing the name it sounds very American. This is probably the first cities, after midwest that might be rougher than the normal American friendliness, according to me. But the friendliness keeps coming and is showing up anyway. Even if it’s located so far to the east so to speak.

Beautiful river outside the Pittsburgh...

Considering that i have been recently in the midwest and west, I don’t think this city stands out with niceness. But on the other hand it is not rude. Actually this city has been prized being the “Most Liveable City In USA” from several sources, just recently, 2010, from Forbes and Yahoo, it got number 1  on those reviews.  I don’t know why i keep bringing the “friendliness” and “niceness” up all the time, but it seems like it’s a common “talk-thread”, when meeting people on the road. That includes Americans themself. Often i hear comments like, “They are nice” or “They are rude there”. Before anything like this: “You should see that and that”, always commenting the people before the attractions. And also i heard that Pittsburgh has a common friendlieness.

Red thick stone building, feels very much Pittsburgh over the color and the building itself....

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, the city has 446 bridges and an old steel manufacturing base.

Pittsburgh inner city has 300 000 happy citizens, including me when i was there…

The special dark mirror shady glass structures in Pittsburgh makes it stand out


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One Response to Pittsburgh, the real american city…

  1. Annmarie says:

    Spännande läsning som vanligt!Önskar jag fått varit med och sett lite av allt kul och thrilling things,som du sett!!Kram!

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