American girls…

Open and social

I might get a lot of threats from females who read this now… But as a explorer of USA, i want to do a little bit analyze of the American females.

I found out that they are loud and outspoken.

They are outgoing and communicative. Social and open.

They say what they want to say and they do it with confidence. They are tough and i get a sense that they are mostly all of them “Daddys girls”. Which i would say are more of a “masculine” energy. They are tough and strong and independent. They probably want a less stronger man. So they can feel that they are in charge.

And i think, or have an idea of what it is that makes it like that.

They know they need to fight as hell for money and freedom. They know they need a job and education, to not to be forced to live on the streets. So i guess that will form a tough, destinated ambitious female, that have to know what she needs to do. A kind of pressured feminine masculinity.

And still i dont understand why the american females are so aggresively open and communicative. They are frankly the opposite to european girls, which are mostly a bit more reserved and feminine in that way.


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One Response to American girls…

  1. Annmarie says:

    Kul reflexion!

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