Countdown to New York City

1 hour from NYC

Sitting on the bus. Seeing NYC thorn up in the horizont. I started to smile, i felt goosebumps on my arms.

I was excited. It was a huge feeling to see it from distance. How the gigantic buildings was kind of reaching the clouds. The energy pumping out trough the terrain, as big waves,  as the bus came closer and closer to this Mega city.

The list inside the Greyhound station

I saw this waiting in the line to sit on the bus. Pretty exctatic at this point.

Teaser one... pretty blurry...

Seeing this with my own eyes made me even more exctatic.

Jikes. What a city.

Shit. I am so close.

1 hour later, trough different weird routes, some time in carqueue, i eventually landed with the bus in New York City!


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One Response to Countdown to New York City

  1. Annmarie says:

    Visst är det en häftig stad!Wow,säger jag bara!Kram!

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