New York – the fruitsalad

New York the city of cities

Part 1. An alive city

I dont have to say much more. I think the word New York City, blows most of our minds. Close to all of the people who i talked about NY. loves this city. Age, background or whatever you can think of does not matter. Everyone loves this city. Including me.

My first photo inside NYC

. This boiling cool awesome totally bizarre and vibrating city is the coolest place so far i have put my feets in, and walked around in, smelled and experienced.

The feeling of walking down the streets on the different avenues and moving toward trough masses of people was a true blessing for me. It really entertained me. In this city i forgot about all bad things in the world, and i was totally occupied about everything else, that is – far more unimportant. I was totally sucked in to the madness. And i loved it.

Maybe the second impression of NYC. ....

It was this tasty fruitsalad, banans, mangos, and a big apple. And tons of other fruits i forgot the name of. I felt alive here. I layed in my bed and watched some house on distance. It was like this feeling of some disturbed happiness that came to me. To be in the center, where it all happens. To be where every one else is.

A random street corner.

To be in the myth, the legende, the most loved city in the entire world, gave an astounding impression and impact on me. Seeing Times Square was sentimental. So many places felt very sentimental.

Another picture example of a random avenue

“Where was my New York City? Was it supposed to be like this? Wasnt it supposed to be different? I am here. Wait i am really here. Wasnt it supposed to be more or maybe less?”

I remember my dream was to go to New York City when i was about 7 years old. I told a friend back then that i would go here before i was 20. I was 8 years late. But finally, finally i came and i saw and i loved – a city that is more then alive.

Very close to Times Square...

Its mad chaotic wonderful exciting alive.


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3 Responses to New York – the fruitsalad

  1. Dava says:

    How come I don’t see pics of Coney Island? You in NYC and didn’t go??? I told you to go to Nathans…Oh well, if you didn’t go, you don’t know what you missed.

  2. Annmarie says:

    Instämmer helt i vad du skrivit!!

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