My New York City…

Worser then the movies

There were a few things i wanted to see in NYC. And i happened to see more stuff, that i forgot that I wanted to see. Here is a few examples.

People ice skating in NYC... feels really like a movie

I forgot i wanted to see people ice skating in NYC. But i think i have seen this in a couple of movies. Even though its always better in movies, i sadly want to add.

Two NYC cops

This cop got pretty upset, cause i took the photo without asking. And i told him that i could erase the picture. And then he told, me its fine, but i need to ask next time. And then i said. “Its Times Square”. And then i looked at me like i was a freak.

Central Park and NYC skyline

Central Park was what i could have imagined. The park was just like the movies.

The World Trade Center spot...

The American government executed this by themselves. Welcome to the staged WTC crash site. That launched several wars and a very high security clearance all over USA and the world.

All Seeing Eyes

At the subway, next to the WTC site you could see these eyes. That symbolize so much.

The Trump Tower

And Donald Trumps tower on fifth avenue. Not as luxurious as what I saw trough the camera lense on his show “The Apprentice”. I went in to the tower and it didnt really feel like what maybe Trump think it is. And this part of Fifth Avenue was very dirty and not as crowded and cool as i thought it would be.

The late night show...

Finally i saw this classic, David Letterman.


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  1. Annmarie says:

    Åh,jag läääääängtar dit!!!!

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