Reflecting differences back home

Back in my Home town

Been home for 1 week now. I feel a tough jetlag of some sort, and i just feel tired all the time. My laptop broke down even more, so it has been hard for me to update as well.

But now i am sitting in my moms apartment, in Ludvika, Sweden and checking out trough my window and see a beautiful winter landscape. It is cold and very quiet.

People are nice. People are infact nice and behave properly. If i go into a store, i get really good service, doesnt matter where i go. I just get it. Something i didnt get much in America, when i compare the differences. I mean i got some service, but i felt bad asking for more service or “take my time”. Cause i had this thought in the back of my mind that they dont get much payment enough to be nice and service minded. I dont see any cops or security inside the stores either. Though i miss the “how are you” and the little chit chat at the counter.

I am glad to not stumble upon any homeless people, drugaddicts or guys that just wants my money. I am glad to feel more secure and not sitting on a bus and be on that adventure. I am glad to be home actually. Though i miss the last days in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, New York, Charleston, Washington, what a wonderful cities, but stil another world compared to the cities in Sweden. I will mention more differences, when I remember them. This is just a post telling everyone i am home, and safe, but most of all its a blog post telling that this blog is alive!

America Is truly another world.

Seeing this trough my window


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