The capitol of America

Washington DC

I had in mind a clean city. And when i came there, i saw a clean, pure city infact. I was not really surprised about that. I am mostly a downtown explorer. So i wonder if it is clean all over the city…

Washington DC was one of the first places i felt i wanted to be really touristy in. I wanted to see so many things, like the FBI house (the headquarter is in Virginia) the White House, the Capitol Building and so forth.

This is truly a tourist city, and it felt a bit small too. You can easy go by foot and see all these classical monuments.

We all have seen “the white house” on tv and movies so many times, including me. So i had some great and huge expectations. But when i ended up there, I was kind of asking my self if this was truly the “White house”. Cause it looked so little and the it was so far distant, plus the area where i thought a lot of people would stand and watch it was to small. The house was kind of hidden behind bushes and far far away. With a good camera and “movie” equipment, you can make it look so much cooler.

This is another example of me being fooled by the entertainment business.

The White house, behind bars. Or me behind bars and the white house free?

Outside the Capitol Building

Here is another example what i did expect outside the White House, but i found this outside the Capitol building. I think it was libertarians who were shouting that Pres Barack Obama was a fraud. Interesting to see and listen a bit. And to me very “Washington DC”.

And last, here it is, the Capitol Building.

What a white color...

And with that, i finish the capitol of America, with a: “Go Abraham Lincoln, you are the best”.


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  1. Annmarie says:

    Snygga foton!

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