My favourite town, Charleston

A mixed town with many colors

Going from Washington DC to Charleston, South Carolina was a long trip. I had heard that this town was nice and it was similar to Savannah, Georgia too. But this city was next to the sea, so the choice was easy.

I remember having a layover in Columbia, South Carolina. I stayed at the bus terminal for 6 hours and as always, drug dealers and shady people was around the building. I stayed between 12 to 6 AM in the morning. Luckily, and i am til this day pretty surprised, I found internet here.

I asked the security if there was any open shop around, like a junkfoodplace, and he told me it was a about 30 minute walk, but he said that I should stay here, “I wont recommend you go there, its dangerous this time of the night”. So I stayed.

South Carolina is another world, compared to the other states. It’s very lush nature and very beautiful everywhere you look. Humid as well. Even in the month of november.

After checking the globe of earth, It just hit me again – hard – that USA is so down under compared to Europe. And Sweden is so far up. If It weren’t for the mexican gulfwind, we would be like Siberia for sure.

I loved Charleston. This town didn’t have a super nightlife, just some random bars. But here is the positive things: Very “southern”, it felt a bit like I was in that movie with Oprah Winfrey a bit, The Color Purple , it had this very beautiful architecture, it was close to the sea, it had a mix of different backgrounds in this city, many alternative stores for health or spiritually minded people. One of my all time favourite food places were, Dellz Deli.

One of the best food places in the world!

Dellz Deli served vegan, vegetarian, fish wraps. Outstandingly delicious! I am not joking. They tasted so good and they were extremely healthy.

Houses like this were everywhere.

Walking around, and seeing this was a bit surreal. You can find all sorts of different really beautiful and 1800ish buildings everywhere.

As i took a little boatrip outside the coast. I saw this big freighter. Once again dreaming about being somewhere else. I even saw dolphins. Amazing animals!

I wonder where this ship is going...

This town i might have most sentimental feelings about. Mostly cause it was so different from all other cities i been in. When i took the bus from the greyhound station it took me in to town after about 20 minutes… seeing the buildings and nature on the way was fantastic.

I wont say more, everyone should go here atleast once, check out the huge market, the aquarium, the sea (the dolphins too!), the harbor, the people, the food, the stores… if you ever go to USA, and want to experience something really wonderful, this is the place to be! 

And i think thats really good credentials from me. Enough said.

A block of Charleston


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2 Responses to My favourite town, Charleston

  1. Annmarie says:

    Verkligen mysig stad!!

  2. margret says:

    Madagaskar kanske? (ang båten)

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