Miami the hotspot

The European cool city

Before i launch Miam, i had a interest of Orlando. To go there and see disneyland. I didnt go. I stayed inside a cheap motel for 2 days and just slackered away. Didnt do much. Bath in a outdoor pool and just relaxed. After that i took the bus to Miami.

When i arrived here, i remember the feeling of a hammered loud city that didnt feel at all really American.

As i am writing these words, 2 months later after i was there, i feel a lot of romanticism about my travels.

Now this second i really miss America, USA… the land of craziness, the people. Everything. The language, the openeness, the loudness, the outgoing folks from different backgrounds, the beggars, the poor drugged people around the greyhoundstations.

The two people i met on the Pancake house in Miami, 4 in the morning. They were sitting next to me. I ordered pancakes and bacon for 10 dollars. I ate as much as i wanted for that. Some tables away this gang of black girls sat down after a long night out.

It was a high steamy feeling in the air as they sat their and ate, laughed and talked about their fabolous night togheter. The server, a 45ish old woman with an accent i would guess came from North Carolina served my table. She was rough, tough with a charm in her eyes. I sat there for 2 hours.

Thinking again how i ended up on this pancakehouse in the middle of night after some hours of bustrip from Orlando, in Florida.

I already had found the place i should stay on, but the buses didnt start going til in the morning. A hostel owned and run by a Swede.

Staying 15 minutes from South Beach with a lot of people, in a place that had a bar, partyroom etc was a tru joy for me.

I was here for about 5 days. And tried to swim as much as i could in the ocean. Most of the days it was cloudy! And rain fell from the sky. Though i tried to hit the beach as much as possible.

As i am watching these pictures from Miami, i am not triggered to go back. If i want a nice beach and hot weather i rather go to Turkey for a week for half as much costs then go to Miami. I tell you that Ocean drive was a bit overexagurated as well.

South Beach, In Miami

One of the best hostels i been at....

Warm in the ocean. I miss the ocean. But not Miami.


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One Response to Miami the hotspot

  1. Annmarie says:

    Tänk vilken resa du gjort!Det är det inte alla som vågar!!!Kram!!!

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