New Orleans the city of Anarchy


This city is another world. My other favourite world though. It seems that Americans live so much differently then Europeans. They really think they are free. That makes a person more happy then others. They walk around in their society Happy. Most people in Europe are not really excited as Americans.

Its like i see so many people overly proud first of all that they are americans, and second of all they are proud of being free. They just know they are free. In a awkward way.

And New Orleans is one of the most “free” cities i ever been at. It seems and what i heard is that the policeforce do not care about anything. Its practically legal to do whatever you want – and people get killed there to all the time by the way.

The bars for one example closes when the people are not really out there partying. I got to tell you that this is a city that is all about party. And listen to music of course. But thats a big part of partying.

Its a treshold for jazzmusic and the famous streets and the french quarters are filled with “homemade” music. Most of it i didnt resonate with, but if i should take the man outside on of these bars words for granted. “You can find this music anywhere in world but here, you dont know how special this is”. I smiled and i said, “You are probably right”. And he probably was, but i dont really care.

I was more out for the Bourbon Street, where they throw out acessories and have their famous weeklong festival “Mardi Gras”. What concerned me was the stripper bars was everywhere. As bars. As nightclubs.

Miami was a dresscode city with a lot of “Hot” nightclubs.

New Orleans was a tourist spot for everyone – and you could feel the vibe – everyone wore a smile – even in the city of anarchy.

One of the central streets in New Orleans...



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