On the way home…

A long ride of more then 2 days.


Stayed in New Orleans for lik 4 days and then i hit the road again for my the long way home to San Francisco.

When i see these pictures i get weak in my legs. I get this strong feeling of going back to the Boondocks of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona etc. The plain fields and lonely areas.

A stop somewhere out there...

Flagstaff, Arizona

Oh my god. Coming back here and it was all Autumn was a tough feeling for me, i stayed here on my first trip and reuniting with it was a sad moment infact. A mixed feeling of some sort. It felt like paradise a little bit and a bit home. This is a city kind of i dreamed about living in also, and it feels like it could be this all american city which is often in movies. Flagstaff, Arizona.

Majestic Fields in Arizona...




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One Response to On the way home…

  1. Annmarie says:

    Det är ett vackert land,synd att du slutar skriva.Det har varit intressant att följa med dej genom USA!!!

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