The final post

Question Answers and the final comments

Sadly but totally OK, this is my final post for the incredible fantastic adventures that i began planning one year ago.

I hijacked a tourismeducation for the opportunity to learn more and on the same time travel.

I chose the country, America. The United States. I couldn’t belive my eyes when I came on the education and I was set for 1 year of studying. This was my chance.

This was my ultimate chance to fulfill the longest dream I ever had. To cross, to experience, to live, to laugh and adventure in the what I say even today, one of the most fantastic countries in the world.

– oh – besides their politics though.

But who does not love freedom? But for what cost?

So summing up this trip is hard, but I will do it with those questions I had at me a couple of months ago.

And its easier for me to answer them after I have been home for a while and now I can really make a better analyze of what I really think about everything.

This is the questions I got in earlier posts:

Of all the cities you have been, can you picture yourself living in any of them? If so which one?

So many i could live in. I will answer like this: I would love to have an apartment in New York City. A partyflat in Las Vegas and a Summerhouse in Charleston. Those are my 3 fav cities.

How come the US is your main travelling area? And what are your plans after new year?
My plans are not decided yet. And I chose America cause it has been my dream since I was maybe 6-7 years old. And I don’t know why, maybe cause I go well with that culture. I love spontanious outgoing people. Everything that feels american, feels to me fresh and new. Even today. (Even if most parts didn’t live up as it is in movies)

What food place do you prefer in fastfoodcountry? Wendys? Tacobell? MD?
I ate a lot of Taco Bell. I guess that’s my favourite. I don’t eat from McDonald’s or Burger King, I don’t want to support those plus it’s not that healthy. My goal is to never eat fast food though.

Have you seen any terrifying stuff in that big land over there? I saw one dude in Pittsburgh that just had one eye. He was looking at me like I was a fish in bowl. I saw a lot of terrifying people who I was kind of scared of – mainly cause of the greyhound is based nearly always at some poor hood or spot outside or inside cities.

Are you interested in going thru Canada? Nope, I am not. Or maybe? I hasn’t thought about that much, if I did, I would go to the north Canada, in the woods, close to Alaska and the Border to America.

Everyone will probably ask what are the main differences between Sweden and the US,but were there any similarities that surprised you?

The similarities would be that we probably watch the same types of movies, music and literature. Same fashion as well. Even if the European guys are famous of being more well-dressed and “Posh” (Or gay or something)

Any pre-conceived notions of the US that you lost while traveling? It would probably be that i thought New York would be slight cooler and more fashionable. That Los Angeles would be more hotter (weatherwise) and more clean and more hectic etc. Thats about it.

What are your main DISLIKES of the US? Your state does not take care of their people. Your entire society is based on competition and commercialism. If you don’t have the money – you aren’t worth a shit. That is just the start.

Doesn’t it get lonely? I like to be lonely. But i love to hang around people. It’s a mixed world out there. On the bus i was mostly sitting alone and never really talked to anyone. But it happened. But I didn’t want that to happen, on the other hand, living on the hostels, you share room with people and always had someone to talk to and go out with etc. So i had both worlds, the “loneliness” on the buses made up with the extreme socialness on the hostels. Perfect balance.

With that, I say Goodbye to all my readers… Thanks for listening and always remember to dare.



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  1. Nice…now the schools is over and out..maybe see You here in Thailand?

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