The Canadian flowing musician

I been home for over a year now.

I found a draft of this interview on my blog. I were thinking about to  skip this interview, cause I had it done when I was home. The idea was to launch it while I was abroad. That didnt happened.

But i changed my mind, and here is it!

The cities comes to me

Let me introduce Joseph, a creative musician who are on a journey trough North America, i met him in Seattle and we shared our lives and the mysteries about the world. And i just had to make a interview with this rare piece of “material”.

Joseph, loaded with a guitar and a cigarette

The Edward Islands

This “super-taurus” (astrologywise, a lot of planets in the sign of Taurus), is brought up in a far distant place, that made me envious about. The name of the place is called “The Edward Islands”, in the far east of Canada. I dont think we can find any more mysterious place in this world. Besides maybe Madagaskar or the island of Guam. It just has this kind of spooky feeling to it.

Who knows what on those islands. We know one thing for sure was on that island, and that is this man.

I had to ask him what made him do this trip, and with a sudden answer, he said; “Its free and random, i wanted to give myself this, start owning your creativity, in a sense, i went out to write more songs, actualize my portfolio of graphic design”

One of the reasons i picked him was that he has been traveling a lot. Most of the trip by hitchhiking. He started his trip in Canada and worked himself all the way with train, bus and hitchhike as said. And with not much money in his pocket. Majority of the money he travels with, he gets from playing guitar and with singing on the streets. “A good hour i get 15 dollars”. He plays in streetcorners in the cities he visit. He choose places where its not much traffic. “I cant play over a crowded street”.

Before i met him in Seattle, he stayed – and played, in San Francisco, Portland and Las Vegas.

Just flows

He also says that what made him choose the cities was pretty much destined. “The cities choose me, not the other way around, I listen to where I am supposed to be at, I follow the flow. And as he adventures around, on this spiritual work-creative trip he says he is on, he really see whats wrong with this world. “We need to learn to give instead of take”.

And thats what he does. He just takes a bit to go by, and gives charisma, joy and enthusiasm back on the streets where he entertain.

And that´s what it should all be about, if you ask the Canadian Flowing Musician Joseph.


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