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Sticky Blogorientation Clarification

Welcome to the Travel documents from me, who traveled in USA for 6 months in 2010. He managed to meet several people and made personal interviews with them, tagged as “Human Encounters” He traveled to some of the hottest spots … Continue reading

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The Canadian flowing musician

I been home for over a year now. I found a draft of this interview on my blog. I were thinking about to  skip this interview, cause I had it done when I was home. The idea was to launch … Continue reading

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The final post

Question Answers and the final comments Sadly but totally OK, this is my final post for the incredible fantastic adventures that i began planning one year ago. I hijacked a tourismeducation for the opportunity to learn more and on the … Continue reading

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On the way home…

A long ride of more then 2 days.   Stayed in New Orleans for lik 4 days and then i hit the road again for my the long way home to San Francisco. When i see these pictures i get … Continue reading

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New Orleans the city of Anarchy

Omg. This city is another world. My other favourite world though. It seems that Americans live so much differently then Europeans. They really think they are free. That makes a person more happy then others. They walk around in their … Continue reading

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Miami the hotspot

The European cool city Before i launch Miam, i had a interest of Orlando. To go there and see disneyland. I didnt go. I stayed inside a cheap motel for 2 days and just slackered away. Didnt do much. Bath … Continue reading

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Stuff to write about…

This is some of the blogposts that remains: (the headlines may change!) Miami – the European Hotspot New Orleans – the city of Anarchy Las Vegas – Free drinks! Answering the Questions about me and my trip The good and … Continue reading

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My favourite town, Charleston

A mixed town with many colors Going from Washington DC to Charleston, South Carolina was a long trip. I had heard that this town was nice and it was similar to Savannah, Georgia too. But this city was next to … Continue reading

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The capitol of America

Washington DC I had in mind a clean city. And when i came there, i saw a clean, pure city infact. I was not really surprised about that. I am mostly a downtown explorer. So i wonder if it is … Continue reading

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Reflecting differences back home

Back in my Home town Been home for 1 week now. I feel a tough jetlag of some sort, and i just feel tired all the time. My laptop broke down even more, so it has been hard for me … Continue reading

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